Thursday, January 03, 2013

Early January

Today, I am trying to further my art career by putting together a workshop for veterans. I want to teach veterans the fine art of painting rocks and creating something that they can use for meditation. I would like to say that I use the rocks that I paint for meditation purposes, but I have to admit that I just like to look at them an leave them on the window sill. Next door I hear a lot of movement going on,so I suspect that my neighbors are moving out. I cannot tell you how many people have come and gone from that apartment over the years.Usually they are young married people who are expecting their first baby. When the baby comes... they leave! I think that this place must be a fertility site. The realtor could perhaps charge extra if they were to advertise it as such.

Today I did the usual... painted rocks,blogged, called friends and made plans for the future.My downstairs neighbors have their in-laws visiting.They have a son named Juan who is very friendly and outgoing but i suspect he has ADD (attention deficit disorder ) because this kid talks too much and lacks the ability to focus and reflect.His father, Juan Sr. opened up to me about his child, and how difficult it has been for them both. He was told to put his child on Ritalin but Juan said that it only puts his kid to sleep in school. Right now I think the doctor is working on adjusting his dosage. It was apparent that this kid was very high strung, yet very inquisitive and bright; Just unable to focus.I suggested meditation to his dad, but mine was just another of the many opinions that have been offered to him. I hope and pray that this family gets the help they need.

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