Monday, August 09, 2010

Eight, Nine Ten

Okay, so it's August ninth, Two thousand ten. We have someone who decided to have their wedding here at Greystone on a Monday night ( How quaint, huh? ) Anyway, it is already creating a bit of a hassle among the staff here, because the Atrium is being decorated and the tourists are getting confused.Already, the entry to the store has been compromised because of the insistence on having drapery above the door. Several people have already bumped up against the stands and have almost knocked them over. I am trying to keep my cool because the Concierge is usually the first to get blamed for anything. Thankfully, I am just here to do MY job and not anyone elses ( which, by the way had to get sorted out when I first came to work here ). The Concierge is the go-to person at the main entrance.Usually we are the last to know about any types of protocol regarding special events.

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