Saturday, April 24, 2010

Food is fuel

When I turn 60 in December, I want to weigh in at 160 lbs. This is the goal I have set for myself. As i write this, I am 35 lbs. over that goal.
I went to see my cardiologist yesterday and was informed that I have high blood pressure and need to go on a regular exercise regime. I also am beginning to take a daily pill for my blood pressure along with the statin I am already taking for my cholesterol.

In my thirties and forties I was a marathon runner with a 2:50:14 personal best.I was in the best shape of my life and felt invincible. I have suffered injuries and setbacks over the years but have recovered well from a torn mininscus, ankle injuries and a traumatic motor scooter accident that nearly took my life.

Today, I rode my bike to St. Helena and back ( 14 miles ). It is my intention to keep a regular log of my daily activities from now until my sixtieth birthday. I will list both what I have eaten and what exercise I have done .Food is now fuel for my activities, nothing more, nothing less. My goal over the past fifteen years has been to get our of debt and back on my feet financially. I am almost there with that goal. I ask each of you for your support in helping me achieve these goals, and I thank you for taking the time to read this.I love you.

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Viv said...

well, join the club then, I am just over 5kl over what my normal weight is, no change of diet, no nothing special, just great MENOPAUSAL tonight, I am going for a run with the group again, i will run for you my dearest friend, for you and me, so we both can get on with our lives in a better shape, health is everything and even if I don't run as much, I will walk and bike and move, each time, sending you a thought, in the hope it reaches you and helps you out
much love to you