Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter 2010

The sun is out today but it is expected to rain again tomorrow, Easter Sunday. This is a time for reflection and reverence. I am staying at home for most of the weekend. It is Passover, a Jewish religious time that I find curious. I am sure that every ritual in both the Catholic and Jewish faith is time tested to reveal a particular significance that will lead it's followers to a holy hereafter.
I have been reading about the Pope's recent troubles with the covering up of the child abuse that has taken place in many of it's churches throughout the world. Not just the church in the United States, but the churches of Ireland, Germany and other places throughout Europe. It looks like the Vatican is scrambling for more cover, instead of taking the strategy of more transparency and openness. One would hope that Pope Benedict ( formerly Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger ) will continue to come clean with any information that remotely implicates himself, his brother, the German archdioceses or the Irish Catholics. This is not a time for covering up, it is a time for Revelation.

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