Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baaaaaah !

This past week has been challenging. I have worked out every day in some form or another. One day I will ride my bike, the next day I will run a couple of miles with three pound weights in each hand, then the next day I will go for a swim. The Calistoga Community Pool has not opened yet, and won't until the 16th of June so swimming won't be something I will be doing on a daily basis for a little while longer. My muscles are sore an tired, but some have mentioned that I am slimming down a little bit. I think that is most noticeable in my face rather than my gut ( which is the last to go and the first to show back up again ). Last post I talked about my before picture which is on my home computer and you won't be able to see until I get a suitable "after" picture. I may go for a long walk when I get home tonight, but have not decided as of yet. I still feel spent from the extensive exercise I have been doing most every day this past week. I did not even get up in time to go to mass this morning. The rest I get will be on my days off.

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