Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lake Hennessy

Tonight was the second time in a week that Dieter and I went for a hike up at Lake Hennessy. The evenings could not have been more peaceful and beautiful. The first night ( Wednesday ) we gave ourselves about a half-hour out and a half- hour back, which amounted to around 3.5 miles total. We did not make it as far as the dam the first night, but about ten minutes shy before we headed back. We saw a few ducks and geese and blackbirds who made a host of natural sounds that made the whole gestalt quite lovely. Thursday evening we went all the way to the dam which took us about twenty minutes to a half-hour longer to complete.We talked about work, food and our travels. He is quite the world traveller. The only person I know who has probably travelled more than he has was my dad. My dad visited every country on the planet and brought back many items from many exotic places just to prove it. I forgot just how much my dad flew throughout his life, but boy did he log those miles. After tonight's hike, Dieter invited me to have an incredible abalone dinner at his house. Man, who could refuse that ! What a great way to end the day.

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Viv said...

thank you for sharing, a dear story and it brought back all the incredible evenings at Longs Vineyards, where Pat and Bob shared their love for food, wine and friendships.
I use to set up with this gorgeous view while smelling the incredible BOB'S chocolate chip cookies (with the secret ingredients..that he so gratefully give up one day) and the warmth of our host.
Hello to Dieter from me