Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amuse Bouche

This term represents and item that a chef will present to a guest to tantalize thier taste buds. It is usually a one-bite hors d'ourve that will keep one intriqued enough to ask for more. I have been picking up a few French culinary terms this week just for giggles. Today is the third day I have gone out and run a mile after returning home from work. I intend to loose a lot of belly fat this summer if I can just get back into a steady routine of exercise and diet restriction. I guess I will be limiting myself to quite a few "Amuse Bouche's" as opposed to having full-on meals this summer. The latest about the chefs hats are that I have submitted a bid to Bob Coyle from the Peanut Board. I hope he can accept it, because it would help me establish an account with the company that makes the chefs hats. I can then further my creative pursuit by making a whole assortment of graphic images to be displayed inside the toques. Tonight I was watching a video podcast about a festival down in Santa Monica that has theme called "Glow". I think these lighted toques will be a good fit for this event. Hmmm... I 've got my work cut out for me.

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Viv said...

hors is right d'œuvre is this funny version of a maried eand o !!!
Only the French could do this....and I ran my first 5 K with all french women, a night mare for me, bet you would have love it....!
hors d'œuvre.