Monday, March 23, 2009

Liz to the rescue l

It's only the second day of Spring, so started out fiddling on my computer restructuring my web pages and updating the colors, text, pictures and links. By 10 am I knew I had to make a call to Bob Graham to let him know that I intended to return to work on Wednesday at 9:30am ( too long a story to go into here ).By 2:30pm, I had a light lunch of Mackerel and Broccoli and head out the door to go for a hike up to Coyote Peak. I called Don, but I think he was in jewelry class at the JC today. I just wanted to get out into nature for a little P and M ( Prayer and Meditation ). When I got there, I took my jacket off and then my fleece shell I have for extra warmth off and left it on the front seat of the car. I put my jacket back on and made sure that my IPhone was in my pocket. I closed and locked the door. Two and a half hours later, after a very serene hike, I return to my car and noticed that the engine is running ! OMG!!! I left the keys in the ignition with the car running ( don't laugh this isn't the first time I have done this.) Now Luckily, it was past 5pm and I knew that my neighbor would be home, so I called Andres. He was just about to take a shower but understood my predicament and agreed to come by and pick me up. Just at that moment , my co-worker Liz comes driving up offering to take me home to get my extra set of keys. I call Andres back and thank him, but inform him that it won't be necessary for him to come and rescue me. I had a good talk with Liz and gave her one of my drawings that I thought she would like. Thankfully she did, so it made my day when she let me off to I get back into my car and drive home. Liz is a very spiritual person, and I love her way. I got home and Andres invited me over for some Barilla(?) , a Mexican chicken dish that was fabulous. For dessert we had some fresh Mango with cucumber, broccoli (second time today) drenched in lemon juice and salt. I have not tasted something this fresh and delicious in what seems like a very long time. Today, I feel very hopeful about the future, and the kindness of friends like Andres and Liz. The picture posted here is called "Skybird," and it is the one I gave to Liz.

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Viv said...

Sorry Chris, you are so so very funny...hope the hike was not 3 hours long...and your car must be very very quiet!...I have had very little time today...ran around like crazy looking for work, then met with Surya for lunch then went to my monthly interview with the unemployment case worker that has been assigned to me and is one heck of a, it's been a full day and I have honestly tried to do the link thing but I think I am using an old version....never really keep up with all those crazy changes all these blogs and sites are constantly doing...So, since Liz was your hero yesterday...I bet you she will be mine soon, she will remember and tell me will happen
love v