Friday, March 27, 2009

The forecast looks sunny for the next week. We have been having very nice weather here in Calistoga. This morning I put my house plant "Warren" to sleep. His instructions recommend that I cut back his stalk and leaves at the base of the roots. I think that he will be ready to bloom again next fall. Spring here is allergy season and yesterday I mentioned that my eyes will start itching. Well today I have discovered that I have itching on my legs and ankles. Oh no ! It's Poison Oak ! All that hiking I was doing during my time off makes me think that I must have brushed up against some small crop of poison oak. I will go by Smith's Pharmacy to pick up a bottle of Aveeno cream to keep the itching and scratching down to a bare minimun so that it can heal.The picture in this post is Warren after he bloomed. I feel sorta bad that I had to cut him down to the quick. Yah ! Well, that's about it for now folks.

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Viv said...

warren was gorgeous and by the way at your health food store, get Rhux toxicodendron the best homeopathie remedy for poison'll cost you 7 bucks and the pebles are to be put directely from the tube under your tongue, without touching them, don't eat or drink right after...ask the health food store in st helena for the potency or jsut drop by calmart, they use o carry will go away in a minute the itching will stop almost instently!!!