Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beginner's Mind

Today is sunny and bright. Spring is in the air and it is also the beginning of Allergy season. Little hints like scratchy red eyes and a little post nasal drip , along with ringing in my ears are tip offs. I take a prescription of Allegra when it really gets out of hand. I am returning to work today with what the Zen masters call "Beginner's Mind". I have an attitude of quiet anticipation of what the day will bring and I withhold judgement whenever I encounter something difficult. I ask my higher Power for guidance and direction, as I am sure it will come. Wish me luck !

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Viv said...

you can do it...I don't know why you were out of work, but, whatever it is, I am wishing you more than luch, I am wishing for YOU becoming the higher power;-)
love v