Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine Ruminations

Well the good news is that I brought my scooter in last week to be serviced. These past few days have been cool and clear. Riding back and forth from work has brought a great sense of joy back into the day. Naturally, I have my ITunes going and I am bundled up as I tool up and down Highway 29. Last night I drove it to the Crab Feed that took place at the church I attend in Calistoga. It is always easy to get a good parking spot on that thing.This event is sponsored by the men's club and is usually attended by the same people every year. Something about attending this church and participating in the men's club is suddenly seeming very ho hum to me. On one hand, I am grateful that the church is there... but on the other hand, it seem's like it is lacking the vitality that I am seeking. It is Lent now, and I am checking my motives and reflecting on many things as I walk with Christ through forty days of abstinence ( I am not telling you from what ). My lust for life is on the increase though. Slowly but surely, we will be rolling into spring and summer when new life busts out. Tonight, my nephew will be at the Greystone Restaurant, and I will be joining him when I get off of work. I look forward to this gathering.

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