Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back at Barneys

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It is Tuesday evening and I am here at my apartment in Calistoga, having gotten back from my sanctuary next to the St. Helena Library. The neat thing about this little picnic area is that it is also a hot spot where one is able to access the internet for free after hours.I've decided that I want to become some kind of citizen journalist using state of the art technology. I mean, I have enough know-how that I could teach this to others and start my own company. You know, how to take quicktime movies, how to over dub audio, how to add disk images and text to the presentations, how to do slide shows with special effects, etc. etc. This is what it means to be a "Mac-head". Anyway, Barneys is a nice little sanctuary for anyone wanting to have a clandestine type meeting that is off the beaten path a bit.

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