Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ana's Expose'

Watch the video
Today was kind of rainy in the morning but soon cleared up a bit so that it was okay to keep the front door open with some fresh air coming into the building. My co- worker Ana, came through the Atrium to talk to me about her upcoming trip to Chile. Somehow the conversation came around to cameras and I was showing her the microphone that recorded voice when I took short Quicktime® movies. She and I both have Fuju FInepix® cameras. I think hers maybe something different than the # 3800 model that I have, even though the cameras look identical. She told me that she would bring hers in to compare. Anyway, I took a short movie of her to test the sound quality which is not all that great, but at least it records SOME audio. I modified the Quicktime® movie in Quicktime Pro® so that it does not appear as dark as it actually was inside the building. I cannot wait to have her see what I have posted to my blog when she stops by my desk tommorow... tee hee.

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