Saturday, October 27, 2007

Only a test

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I would like to welcome Eric, Tara and my brother John to my Blogsite. This little journal was created about two years ago as a personal kvetching spot where I could post crap and blow off steam . Now it is easy to add video, audio and post pics as well. I am currently working at getting it to do special effects too. Today I plugged a in a dual port AV jack into my emac to create somewhat of an echo or radio voice. I bought it for three bucks at Radio Shack. Kinda cool, huh?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back at Barneys

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It is Tuesday evening and I am here at my apartment in Calistoga, having gotten back from my sanctuary next to the St. Helena Library. The neat thing about this little picnic area is that it is also a hot spot where one is able to access the internet for free after hours.I've decided that I want to become some kind of citizen journalist using state of the art technology. I mean, I have enough know-how that I could teach this to others and start my own company. You know, how to take quicktime movies, how to over dub audio, how to add disk images and text to the presentations, how to do slide shows with special effects, etc. etc. This is what it means to be a "Mac-head". Anyway, Barneys is a nice little sanctuary for anyone wanting to have a clandestine type meeting that is off the beaten path a bit.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ana's Expose'

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Today was kind of rainy in the morning but soon cleared up a bit so that it was okay to keep the front door open with some fresh air coming into the building. My co- worker Ana, came through the Atrium to talk to me about her upcoming trip to Chile. Somehow the conversation came around to cameras and I was showing her the microphone that recorded voice when I took short Quicktime® movies. She and I both have Fuju FInepix® cameras. I think hers maybe something different than the # 3800 model that I have, even though the cameras look identical. She told me that she would bring hers in to compare. Anyway, I took a short movie of her to test the sound quality which is not all that great, but at least it records SOME audio. I modified the Quicktime® movie in Quicktime Pro® so that it does not appear as dark as it actually was inside the building. I cannot wait to have her see what I have posted to my blog when she stops by my desk tommorow... tee hee.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Something about the Beatles

Today is Monday and it usually means I sleep in because it is my day off. Today, I was awakened by the kids next door heading off to school. I recall how even on a Monday, I was alive and looking forward to what was coming that day as these kids were. I recall when the Beatles first hit the scene in 1964, I was Thirteen. They were quite foreign, but a very interesting phenomenon to behold watching the Ed Sullivan Show during those first "Live" broadcasts. My sisters liked them, but there were some girls that went absolutely bonkers for them. Beatlemania lasted well into our late teens with each album marking another stage of our development as a generation and as a culture. Today, I watched a video clip of them performing " You can't do that" on Ed Sullivan. It was quite emotional for me.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Beautiful Fall Day

Today, I got off to a good start. I said my prayers and asked God for guidance and direction. I really wanted to be of service today and not just go on "automatic pilot" when meeting people who are visiting the Culinary Institute of America for the first time. I got along well with my co-workers as they prepared for the Conference that will be starting tommorow. The lunch today in our teaching kitchen was absolutely delicious, and everyone seemed to be on their game so to speak. At the end of the day I ended up drawing a picture that was a practice sketch for a tattoo I am designing for a friend. I am starting to get the hang of doing these type of designs and will probably to quite a few more of these rough drafts before I release one to be etched into someone's back.