Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yesterday I went and drove my scoot to the City to attend "Web 2.0" at the Moscone Center. I got lucky by finding a good parking place right across the street from the conference. I don' t know really what I was hoping to find, but it did sound kind of interesting. I listened to the keynote speakers that morning and got a free breakfast, basically. The speakers said that only 4% of the people using the internet contribute anything in the way of content. Most people are just satisfied surfing the net, really. I like to learn about contributing content because I like the idea that something I am writing is being documented even if only for myself. I can go back later and see what I have been up to as the months role by. Well the conference was going on most of the day, but I decided to cut out around 3pm and drive back across the Golden Gate all the back to Calistoga. That was the windiest and most difficult ride I have done yet. I was almost blown from lane to lane as I was hanging on for dear life. Someone almost ran me off the road when they got impatient and drove right past me... in the same lane ! I was pissed, but there was not really anything I could do. I don't think I will be going down to the city on my scooter anytime soon.Sometimes I wonder how many "legal" drivers we have in California.

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puli..not pulley, not bully...just puli said... many read, yet so few bother to write....kinda herd mentality!