Monday, April 30, 2007

oh my aching stomach !

I have been feeling nausea since I came back from the Scooter Rosa event in Santa Rosa. It wasn't the ride, it was something I ate. I think it may have been an artichoke or perhaps some bad cheese. I haven't been able to leave my apartment since I got together with Don and Pat today for lunch. I had a Mexican salad, but I was already feeling slightly nauseous when I went out to lunch with them, but I thought it would pass. I ate the salad just to be polite but I really wasn't hungry. They both enjoyed their meal at Miguels. It is a local restaurant that one of the CIA chefs recommended. In fact, Deiter who is a certified master chef took me there one night for dinner. It was great. But when I got back home today, I have been drinking water and going to the bathroom every five minutes. I hope this thing passes cause it is really horrible. Scooter Rosa was a blast. I will probably write more about it when I can get things back together. To be continued...

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