Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It has been said that " What you don't know, can't hurt you." I disagree... It's NOT what you don't know that can hurt you, it is what you DO know that I'SNT SO ! Besides, admitting that you don't know is like having "Beginner's mind" in Buddhist teaching.
But is not knowing ANYTHING, the same as knowing NOTHING? That last sentance reminds me of a joke that my sister Tara's husband, Michael told me a long time ago about a Buddhist priest that went up to a hot dog vendor in New York and when the vendor asked what he would like, the Buddhist priest said that he would like, " One with Everything"... Get it? One with EVERYTHING? Yea,right. Anyway, Bertrand Russell the philosopher, had it right. He said that "No- thing was a thing." Well if that doesn't beat all.Anyway, it is Friday and I am dog tired after a long week of working with people. Today is my "hump day" as I have two more days to go before I get to take two days off. This week was good news and bad news. The good news is that my friend Reid's wife, Jenny... had a baby boy... yet to be named. The bad news is that my friend Don's wife, Patricia has had a brain tumor removed and she won't ever be the same again. I pray for them both, as this is not going to be easy for them.

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