Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Energy Drop

Today, my energy level plummeted to a low level. My back has been painful too, as I am recovering from lifting lots of boxes yesterday at the Food Distribution program.The usual daily communion service I attend at O.L.P.H. ( Our Lady of Perpetual Help ) has been put on hold because my ass is dragging.Could it be food poisoning? Could it be the Melatonin I ingested last night to bring about sleep? Could it be that my body just said, "Stop?"

We shall see if my health is restored to its regular vibrancy tomorrow. If not, a visit to the doctor may be in order.Below is me at my usual, overamped energy level.Even if I look like a cat being electrocuted, the image is fitting...well, maybe a bit exaggerated.In any case, I will survive.Incidentally, a new stove arrived at my apartment yesterday and I no longer have to be concerned about being electrocuted while I prepare dishes.Stay tuned.

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