Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Beware of the do-gooders

Some people don't mature until late in life.They are not at fault.Taking responsibility for oneself can be very nuanced and challenging...Innocence befriends those who carry their childish ways into adulthood.This perceived innocence justifies their every thought and action. Social awareness is not the same as social responsibility as is explained here. Social awareness is when we are cognizant of our surroundings and the people inhabiting our space.Behavior resulting from this awareness can demonstrate our intentions which, in a social setting is in many instances, performed for the benefit of others. These forms of expression can manifest as grandiosity,self-righteousness or a multitude of other actions which ultimately appear either selfish or altruistic.

When the justification of our actions capture the observation of another,a problem can occur.People read intent,which can be mistaken. Arguments may ensue,and although they are meant to render a proposal, will not always reach an amiable conclusion. When someone has silenced another by "Winning and argument", it does not mean that they have converted that person.A return to reason will not direct an unruly child to correct action. A cry for help can be messy, and it's response requires an exactitude of timing, action and empathy. This is the behavior of an adult.

Appearing altruistic at times can mask smug pride in attempting to garner the favor of others. Anyone standing in the way of this desired approval, will usually be rendered unworthy by those observers standing in judgement of such behavior.

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