Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nothing to fear, but fear itself

The second big storm of the season has arrived and it looks to be just as bad as the first, which was a doozy. Here I am in my one-bedroom apartment, hoping that the roof doesn't leak and that we all can hang in there as this one passes ( fingers crossed ). I've been invited to attend the Men's club meeting tonight at six, and I don't want to go out in this mess. Speaking of messes... the parking situation here in my complex has gotten even more complex.

I sent an email to the property manager and tried to work out a compromise as to who can occupy open ( non-designated ) parking spaces without causing blockages.His strategy was to send letters to all tenants, making me the one who is complaining and therefore the scapegoat if this issue escalates, which it might. My suggestion was to have a sign that reads "No visitor parking". That is sure to raise some hackles. Even if it would read "Tenant parking only", one can be assured that would undoubtedly be ignored.

I am the only tenant with one vehicle. I am respected because I have lived here the longest, but I am also the designated gringo in the hood, which feels kind of weird.I love my neighbors and have respect for each family, but I don't think that they all get along with each other as well as I seem to get along with them.The last thing I would want is for anyone to turn against each other, or most especially... me !

Right now, I just intend to stay warm and not project on how this situation may unfold. I seek only the highest good for all concerned and am ready to make compromises if necessary.

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