Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Prisoners of our own device

Between Podcasts,Email,Instant messaging,Facebook,Facetime,Blogs,etc. I'm not going anywhere. I find myself sitting on my ass most days and not getting out even to walk to my car.This is so different from how I used to conduct my daily schedule which included a five mile run every day (That was back in my 40's and I'm 65 now).Technology's appeal has made so many things AMAZING.So much so, that this experience can only be called an"Amazing Fatigue". Being distracted by that which is so demanding of our attention is becoming common place.Smart phones proves this emerging phenomenon. People in the future will become so adapted to looking down at the next big thing,they will likely form a permanent crook in their necks.

All this undivided attention is actually dividing our attention more and it is not praiseworthy.What is thought of as multitasking is just something being put off until later,to what seems to hold priority in the moment.Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time...both in our brains and in reality.These behaviors can foster restlessness ,irritability and impatience.Children are the ones who will suffer.Any screened device will intrinsically pull them away from us and away from physical contact.Both babies and adults need human contact.They need this physical closeness for survival.Babies need human contact in the first hours of life or they die.This is fact.No electronic device can remedy this.

No matter how convenient,expedient or practical the digital age has become,their is a downside appearing on the horizon.Their are many examples of how the computer has been holding us hostage that you,the reader would better be served doing twenty jumping jacks than reading this blog.Highlighting our own shortsightedness,computers are making everyone and everything easily accessible,whether we like it or not.Linear time has become shortened as events jump-frog our ability to appreciate and digest their significance.My hope is that we can bring unity, empathy and compassion to our world.Thank you for reading this blog and taking time to consider your contemporary habits.I now must untether myself and get on to the next task.

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