Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Smiling Irish Eyes

Yesterday, after I looked at a newsletter called "Medium", I found a very telling, humorous piece called "Resting Bitch Face". It was a cartoon drawn by an Asian woman who apparently was cursed with a face that looked like she was angry or annoyed, Even when she wasn't! That got me to thinking... how is my face or body language structured so that it would be easy for people to misjudge me? Or, how do I perceive other people to be, based on how they look?

My "Smiling Irish Eyes" have been both a blessing and a curse over time.Some see my resting expression as kind, even approachable. However,if I am not beaming with mirth then the opposite must be true.(yes, I admit that I'm an easy read) and although I know myself pretty well,my serenity is proportional to my expectations as my emotional maturity is to the degree of my humility.

If any environment does not allow an upset,rest assured, that these smiling eyes would then be telling some lies! The wise, arched slits are likely to be as authentic as an emoticon.More accurately,I blow people away with my anger because I use it to be right.People who know me, know when I am truly upset.Conversely,my persona portrays a happy-go-lucky guy.Well,at times I am,and so are they! You see, I can even fool myself.Most everyone has to fake it to survive in the real world.

Then their is the question about perception. How much does appearance play into one's self esteem these days? Is it all vanity or are your eyes failing you.They probably are, especially if you are between the ages of sixty and seventy. How we put ourselves out there is constantly being evaluated in popular culture.

I am pleased that most decent people don't require some precise criterion for physical beauty or acceptability.Usually if a person is well mannered, pleasant smelling and socially responsible then in some way they pass mustard. Youngsters may eschew this, because such matters would easily considered to be shallow, or irrelevant.The political polarity we witness today, both in our citizens and government, has the uncanny ability to cause conversations to destruct on the and attractiveness not withstanding.If you take the moral high ground on an issue,appear confident and you may be accused of "Shape Shifting" in spite of whatever position you may take.

How then,does our appearance inform our imagination? It was Einstein who was quoted to say that"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge" and it was self-image psychologist Maxwell Maltz who tells us that"The imagined experience and the actual experience are only as true as our perception, and cannot be differentiated in the moment." Therefore, is it only vain-glory to imagine oneself as "Impactful," even if our physical appearance may tell someone otherwise? And who, daresay, would make that determination?

Reality,such a concept