Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Harvest Art Contest

Lucky me.Last June, I won a poster contest at Summerfield winery and received a luncheon, tour and two bottles of premium wine (that I promptly gifted away).Recently,I entered another poster contest at the Castillo D' Amorosa. The harvest poster had to include a reference to grapes,wine, harvest and with the text "Harvest 2016" on it.No problem. I searched my computer for an appropriate image that I could use for a background and came up with the front entrance to the "Castle of Love". This would work because it is easily recognizable to anyone who has visited this property. Then I added and old grape wagon that was used for transporting grapes during the previous century. Lastly, I added two clusters of grapes to border the top end of the poster after adding text.The font I used was "Blackmoor" which looks like something right out of the renaissance. Lastly,I composed all the elements using Adobe Illustrator and saved it as a .pdf file. Well, wouldn't you know I made it into the top ten list and received a pass for a tour and tasting. Not bad for a fun project on a slow day.

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