Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Moving Forward

Last week I posted a picture from a news article regarding my livelihood,painting rocks.This article has generated a lot of interest and compliments by those who saw my picture on the front of the Calistoga Tribune's inserted edition entitled,"Mud City Weekend".It was truly an honor how I was presented.Christine Plant is a talented columnist who puts those she writes about in the best possible light.This piece has generated new business for me and has encouraged me to grow my business even more.I've saved a few copies of the paper to show my relatives when I go to visit them this week

Now the question becomes... How do I top that? Well, after taking off for a few days and missing the last weekend of farmer's markets,there will be plenty of time to regroup and reflect on the past year.Perhaps I will have a better idea as to the direction my work is taking me,henceforth.

Dubuque,Iowa is where I will be traveling to visit my eldest sister, Mary Ann. The trip is a gift from my other elder sister,Rita.She is currently nursing a fractured bone in her foot,and recuperating from a bad case of the flu.I sincerely hope that she recovers soon,because our flight will be leaving from Oakland on Wednesday, July 27th.A few family members from the west coast contingency will be attending this celebration/family reunion.My brother's children and grandchildren will be there,along with my nephew Edward's wife and children.Expectations are kept to a minimum during these events,just to keep the peace.No one wants to start a row with these Leprachauns.

During my sister Mary Ann's Jubilee event several years ago, I got into a questionable Croquet game with my grand nephew, Seamus. It ended up where I was beaten,only because the little cheat made up his own rules!! Needless to say,it was an embarrassing moment enjoyed by the rest of the family who had been listening through a kitchen window as the whole thing came down.I was pissed, and am still reminded of that donnybrook to this day. Below is a picture of some of the people who will be there. (Mark,Brianna,Nicole and Noah) who recently visited the west coast to visit the folks out here.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Hitting the big time

Today is Friday, July 8th and an article about me came out in the local paper ( i.e. The Calistoga Tribune ) I tried to find the hyperlink to this article but one has to be a subscriber to the paper to view the online version ... oh well. I scanned the front page, so you can see what the cover looks like. Everyone at the Farmer's Market has been calling me a celebrity. I just feel a little shy about that notion. I do like the publicity it has brought to my business however.