Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Where I am right now

I am sitting here with a cup of coffee that was almost poured without my favorite organic half and half.Then I remembered the little amount left in the refrigerator. So I poured it thinking about how milk, cream (and ice cream in particular) has sugar in it, and will only add to a diet filled to overflowing with sugar.I need some balance here.As a former marathoner (with a 2:54:14 best, mind you) it has behoved me to think that I am still using non-nutritonal, empty carbohydrates as fuel when I am barely walking up to a mile a day.I fear heart disease and diabetes at this stage of life.It's time for a change.Other changes have to be made as well

Yesterday I unplugged from all electronic distractions. No Iphone, Ipad, computer, radio, TV,electric pencil sharpener, whatever... anything electronic except for the lights. The day was started taking a shower in the dark, however.This was done as an extreme measure to start the day off consciously and conscientiously ( a moral and responsible way).I also abstained from sugar, meat and coffee for good measure

These agreements were kept until after sunset.As the day progressed ,It made me think of the Jewish people during Rosh Hashanah.They wouldn't use elevators, shavers, electric lights etc.,in honor of the two holy days marking the beginning of the Jewish new year.These people fasted, prayed and observed times of silence.These are also days of repentance. Observations like this are common within the Jewish religion and are done as a way to cleanse the body, mind and spirit (consulting a rabbi however, would be necessary for more clarity surrounding this topic).

Although I don't espouse to be a convert to Judaism, I would comply with this practice if only to honor and respect my body, as a temple of the Holy Spirit,the God which governs all.

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