Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring arrives !

Today was absolutely splendid. The vines and trees in the area are beginning to "Break bud" as the vintners say.I really feel hopeful and now until Halloween I can look forward to mostly great weather.We've almost reached out water table quota, and April can expected to produce a few showers. This years "El Nino" hasn't been as dramatic as was predicted earlier.Let's keep thinking positive thoughts.

Spring has generated a lot of activity and excitement around here.The birds arc chirping madly each morning, and the starlings are flying around in packs of hundreds, darting up,down and around the rows of vineyards along Highway 29.Each year about this time, these starlings show up at the Culinary Institute of America just like clockwork, and begin building their nests up under the eaves of the century old building.They arrive here almost to the day.The only thing one must be concerned about is that they leave plenty of droppings if you happen to be under the main entrance while visiting the CIA this time of the year.Bring extra tissue!

Pictured below is a popular icon here in Wine Country.This is Clo the Cow from the Clover Stornetta dairy. She shows up at many community functions, especially here at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa.Notice that I am already sporting shorts in anticipation of the good weather that is sure to come.