Monday, January 11, 2016

The New Year and beyond

I didn't think of it until after midnight, but sweet sixteen has a nice ring to it.It is already the eleventh and I am heading for Portland to see my sister in another week.To say that time passes much too quickly is a curious understatement. Linear time is no measurement for the experience that has accumulated over the past decade.Is it me, or have we been in overdrive since the turn of the century?

My beard is getting whiter by the day. My hairline is receding by the week.Why even think about it? Why not just surrender to the joy of modern maturity, right?My brother John laughs at the prospect of retirement.Who retires anymore, anyway? What a crock! None of the people I know are not independently wealthy or spend their days counting their cash dividends... although many thought that they would be better off financially as they got older.It would be nice to hearken back to the days of penny candy and thirty-five cent movie tickets.Enough of this silly nostalgia. I am going to bed, just so I can face another day of uncertainty.

At least I got the oil changed in my car.

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