Monday, July 28, 2014

Life on the inside

I've been working inside most days these past four years.The day begins with a shower,shave etc...then off to mass.

When returning home, I begin to make breakfast and start my work.Today,I am updating my blog(s).It is late July and the heat is apparent in my small, one-bedroom apartment.It is only 9:30am and the sun is out.If it is a Monday, I like to listen to my Podcasts. This American Life. WTF.Snap Judgement. They are all good.Then I begin painting rocks.

My workday ends around 4:30 ~ 5:00pm.The days go by quickly.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A visit from Tara

My sister Tara arrived from Portland on July fourth around 1PM. She has been staying with me here in Calistoga in my apartment, which becomes very hot when the air conditioner is left off.She has been very gracious by providing groceries and money for gas and utilities, which I did not expect.During the day when I usually will be painting,she will read articles on her IPad, etc. It has been pleasant during these periods.

We also have been on a few "Field trips" around this area.One day we went to collect rocks out at the Pacific Ocean in an area known as Russian Gulch.The next day we went for a little hike up at Bothe State Park where we plan to go swimming/picnic this evening around five.We also took a little trip out to Lake Hennessy where we watched the sunset.All in all, it has been a wonderful time having her stay with me. She will be flying back to Portland this coming Sunday.Below is a picture of her when we went to the Castle of Love.The knocker on the door was enough to make it look like a halo above her head...yea, right !