Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby Rubi

She was born on father's day to Andres and Dinora Quintero.These fine people now have three beautiful children who are being raised in a loving home three doors away. When I helped Dinora to the door to her apartment I saw that little Rubi was in her baby seat in the back of her daddy's work truck. She looks like her mom and has a full head of dark hair.She is going to be the pride of this family, and is certain to have the dignity and respect of a princess.I am pleased to have the Quinteros as my neighbors and friends.They represent the unity and togetherness any healthy family should come to expect.Now that little Rubi is our newest addition in the hood, everyone will have plenty of opportunity to show joy and attention to this beautiful child.I hope she grows up to be as proud and strong as her two loving parents.