Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Butterflies are free

Today was pleasant, weather wise. The heat is still present, but it is not as oppressive as it was over the Memorial day holiday.My friend Don and I went for a hike up to Coyote Peak at Bothe State Park this morning. This is one we have done regularly over the past twenty plus years of our friendship. He lives in Oakmont now, and comes over to Calistoga not only because he used to live here, but he also raised his family here. Bothe Park has a special place in his heart.

It usually takes around an hour to hike up to the peak and an hour to hike back down to the car. Good conversations take place as we observe the beauty that surrounds us. Occasionally an animal or unique looking plant will catch our attention and give us something to ponder about.Below is a picture of some butterflies who were resting on the path near Richey Creek on our way back.

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