Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Getting Gratitude

Sometimes it may seem hard to find things to be grateful for during these troubled times.It is important to keep our eyes on the prize, which is where we are all going ( i.e. heaven ).This is what I believe, and I take comfort in this belief. Some may ask how can I believe such a thing when all evidence is to the contrary.I have to answer with a resounding,"I don't know!" but my faith in a higher power is forever.

Today I've been watching a lot of movies online. In the past three days, I've seen "The American Hustler", "The Wolf of Wall Street","August,Osage County" "Her", "All is Lost" and "12 Years as a Slave". The first two I mentioned were intriguing but I have to take issue with the gratutious violence and sex. I didn't find that entertaining. It was at times very painful to watch.The same can be said for the last movie, "12 years a Slave". It was atrocious and painful at every turn. Even if this was an accurate depiction of slavery in the deep south, it was still a movie I would not recommend anyone see.I have seen "Philomena" and "Nebraska" in the theatre and of all of these movies, I would have to say that "Philomena" was my favorite pick for the Oscar.Judy Dench gives a stellar performance.By the way, the picture below was taken last October at Russian Gulch. I left that heart-shaped rock there at the beach.

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