Sunday, December 22, 2013

The longest night

I slept pretty good last night.This morning I went outside to a beautiful sunrise and a couple of blue jays foraging for walnuts in my neighbor's back yard. I was munching on some almonds, and held one out in hopes that one of them would be bold enough to come over onto my deck to eat it.No such luck.Blue jays aren't dumb.Besides, I have a huge plastic owl perched on a stick overlooking the whole neighborhood.He doesn't give a hoot.He like the honey badger ( who doesn't give a shit ).

All the birds know that he is there. He never moves. They all move around him. He has been there for ten years, easily. There was a time when I had a bowl of water on the deck and the birds would stop by in summer to get a quick drink and leave a poop. The owl prevents all of that now.

My deck is poop free ever since the owl has taken up residence.The nights are long and noiseless after ten. My neighbors don't make much noise on weeknights after this time. Weekends are a different story.The nights are long this time of the year. No reason to stay up except to watch the meteors from time to time.The birds are quiet until the sun rises.They try to pretend that the owl is not there to hear them.