Monday, July 01, 2013

Standing by !

It seems that my Apple Airport Extreme is no longer interested in facilitating my wireless connection to the Internet. Either Comcast does not want to deal with Apple wireless routers like Airport Extreme/Express, or Apple has planned for these products to become obsolete.Either way, I have done this clown dance at the wireless rodeo too many times.I got the Airport Express to extend my network from my bedroom to my living room, and to be able to play ITunes on my JVC stereo.Now, you are probably asking… well how the heck is he even posting this blog if he has no access to the Internet?

Well Sparky, I do have access through Xfinity’s open network. I just selected it through my list of available WIFI hotspots in the neighborhood. If Comcast has a problem with this, then they can come and knock on my door and TELL ME w.t.f. is wrong with my network connection. Until then, I remain faithfully and wirelessly yours.

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