Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hot Summer Shenanigans

Hopefully, the title of this blog caught your attention.July has been "hecka-hot" these past couple of weeks.It is nice when the day starts out foggy and cool, but rest assured by 3pm it is back up in the 90's. I have replaced my air conditioner filter and will turn it on occasionally, but mostly I have an electric fan at my back which just ends up circulating hot air.

Today I hiked up to Coyote Peak with a friend, just because I have been so sedentary these past few days. I drive to these markets and sell my painted rocks only to set my display up, and then sit on my ass for four hours. Am i complaining? Hell no. This is the best gig I have had in a long time,even if I haven't been getting much exercise. I still sweat a lot, so that must count for something.

This week I spent some time coming up with a few new ideas after someone suggested that I create an endearing little creature out of one of the rocks I paint. So below is a little lightning bug I will call "Eric", after my friend in Oregon.Eric are you reading this?

Now Eric is painted green and has glow-in-the-dark paint all over his little bug body. The picture you see is what he looks like in the dark. He is about four inches long and has wings made of plastic sheeting and legs made of q-tips painted green. Notice his little toothy smile which seems to say, "Buy me and put me on your nightstand!" (Okay, I made that up). Anyway, I intend to make a few more lightning bugs this summer, so if they turn out as cute as this guy you will see them posted on my other blog...Your Spirit Rocks!