Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Poetry Night (...or who flung dung?)

This group was formed last month on the third Tuesday. It was a good turnout for the initial meeting (around 15 poets,as I recall).Tonight,as I sauntered in around 7:45PM. I was relieved to see only six people around a square table,including myself.

It was free form as people took turns reading,being respectful of each other while giving time at the end of each recitation for a period of reflection or laughter.

A friend,Shelly had organized this event and it now has evolved to become an open participation gathering for anyone wishing to express themselves.The group is simply called, "Words".

I like it already.

The following is the POEM I read on this pleasant Spring evening of May 21st, 2013 at the Echo Gallery in downtown Calistoga where the old Silverado Pharmacy used to be.

A Seniors Lament

Silly Me, I thought I was different. Silly Me,how could I be wrong? Writing songs that leave all the words out, like a date that was late for the prom.

What difference does what I say make? Hollering from hell I was flung,Your words roll off on a silver plate, Mine plop to the ground like dung.

Don't care for the aged, the nurse exclaimed,No problem pushing others aside.Take what is yours and leave no trace,of what others may try to revive.

Stone figures stare down long hallways of fading echoes,When all the empty suitcases wait on turnstiles.Slim hopes of lifting vitality, were left when the last bus went by.

How sorrowful, how sad these cheerleading hags have lent to our yearning years.A connection devoid of worry, and safe from scrupulous fear.

Let me die! the skeleton pleaded.Don't expect any blood from a stone."So what" I raided your freezer,and made off with your cellular phone.

I laughed when you sought change for a penny, How clever, as you sit in the rear.But when you get tired of listening, don't yell,"Hey Van,Go cut off your ear!"

So keep for yourself whatever you steal, and that which never be shown, to those who live in glass houses, and crazies who like to throw stones.


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