Saturday, May 25, 2013

Go Giants!

Well, you win some, you lose some.(I wonder what Buster Posey was doing sitting there in the stands!? ) The Giants lost this one to the Colorado Rockies 5 to zip. The team looked to be in great shape and their were some excellent defensive plays,Including a very sweet double play in the later innings. Their is speculation that Tim Lincecum the pitcher was not as effective without his long hair. I think some were calling it the "Sansome" effect.He has been a pitching phenom in the past, but lately he has been having some difficulty finding his groove.

Perhaps he is a bit like Barry Zito. A pitcher who we hope will age well as the season progresses. Anyway, my friend Dave and I got to S.F. just in time for the first inning and we stayed until the bitter end. Their was a beautiful full moon above the Park and an excellent fireworks display at the end of the game, sponsored by Round Table Pizza. I should get a commission for mentioning them.

Well, wouldn't you know.The minute I finish writing this blog, I view this great video online showing the ending of Saturday's game.Angel Pagan wallops one into right field, rounds the bases,and slides into home for the winning run.What can be said? Those Rockies are tough, but those Giants have spunk when they pull a rabbit out of the hat like that.

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