Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glenn Ellen

Glen Ellen is a quaint little town like Calistoga. It was my good fortune to find another Farmer's Market to participate there.I got up early Sunday morning to travel over to the "other" wine country down hwy. 16 to this little town. Passing by the fire station there were several tables set up for what look like a pancake breakfast ( oh yea! )

I found Jack London Village where the farmers market was to be staged, and spoke with a lady there who was loading a pony into a trailer. She informed me that the market was not starting until 10am but that people would begin setting up around 8:30 am. Great, I thought. I can get back to the fire station and have breakfast with all the families and moms on Mother's Day!

Eight bucks was a small price to pay for a breakfast of orange juice, decaf coffee, bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, strawberries, melon and all the pancakes you could eat. Such a deal.Being a newcomer, I introduced myself and asked how I could help out.A woman dressed in uniform informed me that "everything was under control". Then I asked if I could use the restroom. This female fire-person looked me over and then directed me to the back. She seemed a little mistrusting, like I may just be a junkie looking for a place to shoot up ( What-ever!!). But I thanked her for her hospitality nonetheless. Overall, these people were very nice, and I even got my picture taken for being the first customer in line.

After breakfast,I went back to the Village and began setting up for what turned out to be a pretty good sales day. The first market of the season is generally kind of slow, but it was enjoyable because one does not feel spent by all the questions and endless product pitching by the end of the day.

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