Saturday, May 04, 2013

A Day at the Beach

We met at Riley Street for a quick look around for art supplies. We then drove to River Road, and then to the Farmhouse. After a short look around a bungalow, we went to the lobby office and inquired about the restaurant. We both guessed that two people could probably get out of there for just over one hundred and twenty dollars per person, on a price fix menu. Could we leave the car there and perhaps join them for dinner after we returned from the coast? Certainly a reservation would not be imperative, because we did not want to lock ourselves into a specific time slot.

We got to leave the car there, with no committment to return for dinner.Arriving at around three in the afternoon, we walked directly from the coast road into a thick jungle, where we eventually emerged onto the beach.The walk was about a quarter of a mile.

The day was warm, around eighty degrees at the water's edge. Only a few other people were on the beach as we arrived.How glorious to forage around for palm-sized sand-stones to be collected into a canvas bag.We did this for around an hour and then sat on a towel and had Pon dulce and bottled water. We laughed,talked and ate.I drew a picture of her, she painted the horizon and we talked about art. A simple plan for a May day.

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