Saturday, May 25, 2013

Go Giants!

Well, you win some, you lose some.(I wonder what Buster Posey was doing sitting there in the stands!? ) The Giants lost this one to the Colorado Rockies 5 to zip. The team looked to be in great shape and their were some excellent defensive plays,Including a very sweet double play in the later innings. Their is speculation that Tim Lincecum the pitcher was not as effective without his long hair. I think some were calling it the "Sansome" effect.He has been a pitching phenom in the past, but lately he has been having some difficulty finding his groove.

Perhaps he is a bit like Barry Zito. A pitcher who we hope will age well as the season progresses. Anyway, my friend Dave and I got to S.F. just in time for the first inning and we stayed until the bitter end. Their was a beautiful full moon above the Park and an excellent fireworks display at the end of the game, sponsored by Round Table Pizza. I should get a commission for mentioning them.

Well, wouldn't you know.The minute I finish writing this blog, I view this great video online showing the ending of Saturday's game.Angel Pagan wallops one into right field, rounds the bases,and slides into home for the winning run.What can be said? Those Rockies are tough, but those Giants have spunk when they pull a rabbit out of the hat like that.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Poetry Night (...or who flung dung?)

This group was formed last month on the third Tuesday. It was a good turnout for the initial meeting (around 15 poets,as I recall).Tonight,as I sauntered in around 7:45PM. I was relieved to see only six people around a square table,including myself.

It was free form as people took turns reading,being respectful of each other while giving time at the end of each recitation for a period of reflection or laughter.

A friend,Shelly had organized this event and it now has evolved to become an open participation gathering for anyone wishing to express themselves.The group is simply called, "Words".

I like it already.

The following is the POEM I read on this pleasant Spring evening of May 21st, 2013 at the Echo Gallery in downtown Calistoga where the old Silverado Pharmacy used to be.

A Seniors Lament

Silly Me, I thought I was different. Silly Me,how could I be wrong? Writing songs that leave all the words out, like a date that was late for the prom.

What difference does what I say make? Hollering from hell I was flung,Your words roll off on a silver plate, Mine plop to the ground like dung.

Don't care for the aged, the nurse exclaimed,No problem pushing others aside.Take what is yours and leave no trace,of what others may try to revive.

Stone figures stare down long hallways of fading echoes,When all the empty suitcases wait on turnstiles.Slim hopes of lifting vitality, were left when the last bus went by.

How sorrowful, how sad these cheerleading hags have lent to our yearning years.A connection devoid of worry, and safe from scrupulous fear.

Let me die! the skeleton pleaded.Don't expect any blood from a stone."So what" I raided your freezer,and made off with your cellular phone.

I laughed when you sought change for a penny, How clever, as you sit in the rear.But when you get tired of listening, don't yell,"Hey Van,Go cut off your ear!"

So keep for yourself whatever you steal, and that which never be shown, to those who live in glass houses, and crazies who like to throw stones.


Art in the Clouds

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday, and the Pacific Union College chose this day for their annual Car Show (... and Art Show ) I got there early and began setting up my vendor's booth. A very nice couple from Pope Valley were next to me and he was selling items he carved and fashioned from pieces of wood. He had boxes, crates,small chairs, puzzles and frames that he put together lovingly.His talent was most apparent and we chatted throughout the day.

A few musicians were playing some upbeat tunes on a stage across this large field where all the Classic Cars were displayed. The songs were mostly from the fifties and sixties,which lent itself to the overall ambience of the event. I was a little hungry when I arrived and was told that the vendors get free doughnuts and coffee. Well, that is how the food portion of this story went. The next thing I was to indulge in was a breakfast burrito. About 11am I began smelling fried chicken being cooked across this field of dreams.Naturally, I had to have a few pieces of chicken with some cole slaw. Oh Yum ! it was great.

Business was pretty good and I met a lot of new people from the Angwin area. Most of them are Seventh Day Adventists, but no one seemed like they were going to try to convert me or anything.Things wrapped up around 2pm and It was apparent that many families made this special event one that they enjoy every year. I think that I will return again next year as well.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glenn Ellen

Glen Ellen is a quaint little town like Calistoga. It was my good fortune to find another Farmer's Market to participate there.I got up early Sunday morning to travel over to the "other" wine country down hwy. 16 to this little town. Passing by the fire station there were several tables set up for what look like a pancake breakfast ( oh yea! )

I found Jack London Village where the farmers market was to be staged, and spoke with a lady there who was loading a pony into a trailer. She informed me that the market was not starting until 10am but that people would begin setting up around 8:30 am. Great, I thought. I can get back to the fire station and have breakfast with all the families and moms on Mother's Day!

Eight bucks was a small price to pay for a breakfast of orange juice, decaf coffee, bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, strawberries, melon and all the pancakes you could eat. Such a deal.Being a newcomer, I introduced myself and asked how I could help out.A woman dressed in uniform informed me that "everything was under control". Then I asked if I could use the restroom. This female fire-person looked me over and then directed me to the back. She seemed a little mistrusting, like I may just be a junkie looking for a place to shoot up ( What-ever!!). But I thanked her for her hospitality nonetheless. Overall, these people were very nice, and I even got my picture taken for being the first customer in line.

After breakfast,I went back to the Village and began setting up for what turned out to be a pretty good sales day. The first market of the season is generally kind of slow, but it was enjoyable because one does not feel spent by all the questions and endless product pitching by the end of the day.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

A Day at the Beach

We met at Riley Street for a quick look around for art supplies. We then drove to River Road, and then to the Farmhouse. After a short look around a bungalow, we went to the lobby office and inquired about the restaurant. We both guessed that two people could probably get out of there for just over one hundred and twenty dollars per person, on a price fix menu. Could we leave the car there and perhaps join them for dinner after we returned from the coast? Certainly a reservation would not be imperative, because we did not want to lock ourselves into a specific time slot.

We got to leave the car there, with no committment to return for dinner.Arriving at around three in the afternoon, we walked directly from the coast road into a thick jungle, where we eventually emerged onto the beach.The walk was about a quarter of a mile.

The day was warm, around eighty degrees at the water's edge. Only a few other people were on the beach as we arrived.How glorious to forage around for palm-sized sand-stones to be collected into a canvas bag.We did this for around an hour and then sat on a towel and had Pon dulce and bottled water. We laughed,talked and ate.I drew a picture of her, she painted the horizon and we talked about art. A simple plan for a May day.