Monday, April 29, 2013


I don't know why, but I always picture that campaign poster of Obama when I think of the word "Hope".

Somedays it seems like i am hoping against hope, when what I am experiencing is simply discouragement.Lately, I have worried about making a living.Nine times out of ten, my sense of worry and discouragement passes and my hope gets restored. Thank God.

The problem too, is when my hopes regarding a certain outcome are not met and I set myself up for disappointment.The last time I felt this was when the Forty niners lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the last Super Bowl.I am not still stewing about it though,because (Come on!)it has been almost five months since that occurred.Besides,I was over that one in about five hours.It helped that they played a good game back then.

Incidentally,The pendant below was made for a hopeful fan who wanted something as a testimony to their loyalty.I trust that the Forty Niners "Quest for six" super bowl victories will someday be realized.This brings me to another problem...Over time,when hope turns into expectation.Today, I can expect miracles when I trust my Higher Power and turn everything over to Him.

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