Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Monday

Their was a nice rain over the weekend which brought some much needed water to the area. The air is clear and fresh and so I decided to walk instead of drive my car to church today. I noticed a lot of little garbage pieces on the ground left by what I have to assume are the many teenagers in the neighborhood who think that the ground is their personal garbage can.The town of Calistoga may be funky, but I don't go for funky and filthy.Enough said

The sun is beginning to reappear and I am inside planning my week.I just ordered a Dome ledger for bookkeeping, after my brother sent me a link online. I am going to be a better bookkeeper this year... ( a promise to myself ).My business is going to increase this year so I have to keep better records of all my sales and expenditures. Am I preaching to the choir here?

I went on a nice hike with my friend Don last Friday up on Mt. Baldy in the Sugarloaf region of Sonoma. It was really great being on top of the mountain and looking at a 360 degree view of the whole area.One could see as far south to the towers of the Golden Gate bridge and as far east as Mt. Diablo. You could also see Mt.St. Helena and the whole Napa Valley looking north and east. It wasn't that strenuous a hike until you began to scale Mt. Baldy. That was a bit of a huff.All in all it took around 3.5 hours to do this hike.

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Veda Florez said...

I like your plan for the new year. You'll look back at the end of 2013 and be happy you made the effort.

The view from the photo you posted looks like a stock photo post card. By the looks of the pictures it must have been a great hike. Your heart thanks you.