Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh blah dee, Oh blah dah

Hearing about our economy plummeting over a “Fiscal Cliff” sounds a lot more plausible than the world ending. Besides, with six more hours to go, it looks like another 24 hours may even be within the realm of possibility.

I think the Beatles had it right in their song, “Oh blah dee,Oh blah dah” that is, that life does go on.The Mayans were predicting that we would be entering a new state of consciousness and that their calendar was not really foretelling a harbinger of doom.

Admittedly, I was kind of entertaining the idea of a big catastrophe,but being a timid soul about those sorts of things, I digress.It is so much better to think that the world is entering a new age of Peace, Love and Understanding.

Being a child of the sixties,I still subscribe to the notion that foretold a new age where harmony,sympathy and understanding with mystic-crystal revelations would be the order of the day! A song by the vocal group The Fifth Dimension called ”Aquarius” was teasing us on into something new, better and different than those stodgy old Nixonian years. The musical “Hair” lent some credence to this overal vision by having it included in their Broadway show.

Okay, color me a hippy idealist, but those hipsters taught me to have a heart and enjoy the joyous times that were to be had in San Francisco during the 1967 summer of Love.In many ways I still try to live the dream, but reality will ultimately ground you whether you like it or not.

By the way, the image below was created in Photoshop awhile back (more like 2002 rather than 1967), but still looks like something from that earlier era.What can I say? Once an aspiring hippy…

Now an aging Beatnik.

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