Monday, November 12, 2012

Vuja dey

Today is Monday, Veteran's Day. The weather this past week has been noticeably colder. I've been wearing a fleece vest and flannel shirt most days, and long johns and a ski cap to bed most nights. Thankfully, I haven't gotten a cold. Lately, I have been pondering life's mysteries. Like for instance, How it is possible to love someone and not really "like" them. Another one that causes me to ponder is how our bodies and minds can react to an idea whether or not it has any basis in reality ( i.e. An imagined experience or actual experience not being differentiated ). It has been said that if you experience it, it is the truth... but the same thing believed is a lie. In other words, we are able to have "non-experienced" experiences ! ( I think that alcoholics would call this a blackout ). Anyway, if it seems like Ground hog day all over again, perhaps you are having a non-experienced experience. Like what the French may call a "Vuja dey".

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