Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Angel's Trumpet

This is a picture of a beautiful plant that is growing in my friend Don's backyard. He has had it for many years and it has been producing these beautiful blossoms. I was so inspired by the beauty and look of the plant that I took a picture, and then did a sketch. This final rendering sort of reminds me of the paintings of Georgia O'Keefe. It seems that their are very few artists that have made their mark in the last century or so that haven't had an influence in one form or another.

It is nearing late October and the leaves on the vines are beginning to turn red and yellow. All the grapes have been harvested and the nights are getting colder. Today it was up in the mid-eighties however, and the next few days are slated to be hot.

The Giants are presently tied with the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League pennant race. They go back to face the St. Louis fans tomorrow night. It looks to be a tight race at this point.

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