Monday, July 02, 2012

Weekend update

The heat wave continues across the country as we inch our way towards the July fourth celebration. Most of my neighbors have taken to enjoying their brewskies in the car port near my new Ford Focus. This does not please me. Since this is the holiday weekend however, I will observe the motto, “This too shall pass”.

I went to see the movie “Brave” last night with a couple of friends. I enjoy Pixar movies, my favorite being “Ratatouille” of course. Brave had some great scenes however and gets an A+ for technical wizardry.My favorite scenes were of the witches’ cottage and of the bear fishing in the stream. Everything looks so darn real.Pixar has mastered what Disney animators have been trying to achieve for years.

My own artwork has been progressing nicely, as I have been honing my rendering skills to focus on those rocks which are more in “demand”.I have also been working on some poster art which will showcase what a rock will look like with the lights turned off.

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