Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Merry Month of May

This donkey was saying hello when I finished my hike back from White Sulphur Springs. It was nice to see this creature just kicking’ back and munching on the grass nearby. I mean, usually you will come across a horse or two in the meadow, but how often do you come across an ass ! ( don’t answer that ) Anyway, my walks have been reaping some benefits.Even if I haven’t lost many lbs. I have a lot more energy which is sustained, because I am eating the right kinds of foods. ,

Tonight I went to Randy’s house ( a friend of Dave ) to watch Martin Scorcese’s documentary called, “Living in the Material World”. It was about George Harrison’s Spiritual journey from his time spent with the Beatles and beyond.It really was an incredible walk down memory lane.George really began his journey after his experimentation with LSD.He did not take it knowingly at first.It was slipped into his coffee by his dentist.Later, all the Beatles got swept up in the rapture of those drug induced times until they met the Guru Maharishi and began the inward journey of meditation.

I was surprised at seeing how much people smoked back then.It was also revealing how much celebrity was worshipped,commoditized and protected.The documentary is four hours, and shown in two parts.Randy will be showing the next segment next Wednesday evening.Stay tuned...

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