Monday, May 21, 2012

Living in the Material World

I consider myself fortunate that I got to view Part 2 of this George Harrison documentary although I was sitting next to an obnoxious woman who took out her iPhone to take a call, and then text messages during the movie. I was annoyed, but kept my cool and didn’t say anything. The movie really tracked George Harrison’s whole adult life all the way through to his death from cancer. He was very influential on many of his musician friends and fans alike. I did not know for instance, that he mortgaged his house for four million dollars to bankroll his friend Eric Idle’s “Life of Brian” movie, and that he taught Tom Petty how to play the ukelele in a day. This was after opening up the trunk of his car to give him four more ukelele’s to keep him busy.The documentary was made by Martin Scorcese and was so well done that it made me appreciate his music and life all the more.

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