Monday, May 21, 2012

Living in the Material World

I consider myself fortunate that I got to view Part 2 of this George Harrison documentary although I was sitting next to an obnoxious woman who took out her iPhone to take a call, and then text messages during the movie. I was annoyed, but kept my cool and didn’t say anything. The movie really tracked George Harrison’s whole adult life all the way through to his death from cancer. He was very influential on many of his musician friends and fans alike. I did not know for instance, that he mortgaged his house for four million dollars to bankroll his friend Eric Idle’s “Life of Brian” movie, and that he taught Tom Petty how to play the ukelele in a day. This was after opening up the trunk of his car to give him four more ukelele’s to keep him busy.The documentary was made by Martin Scorcese and was so well done that it made me appreciate his music and life all the more.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Merry Month of May

This donkey was saying hello when I finished my hike back from White Sulphur Springs. It was nice to see this creature just kicking’ back and munching on the grass nearby. I mean, usually you will come across a horse or two in the meadow, but how often do you come across an ass ! ( don’t answer that ) Anyway, my walks have been reaping some benefits.Even if I haven’t lost many lbs. I have a lot more energy which is sustained, because I am eating the right kinds of foods. ,

Tonight I went to Randy’s house ( a friend of Dave ) to watch Martin Scorcese’s documentary called, “Living in the Material World”. It was about George Harrison’s Spiritual journey from his time spent with the Beatles and beyond.It really was an incredible walk down memory lane.George really began his journey after his experimentation with LSD.He did not take it knowingly at first.It was slipped into his coffee by his dentist.Later, all the Beatles got swept up in the rapture of those drug induced times until they met the Guru Maharishi and began the inward journey of meditation.

I was surprised at seeing how much people smoked back then.It was also revealing how much celebrity was worshipped,commoditized and protected.The documentary is four hours, and shown in two parts.Randy will be showing the next segment next Wednesday evening.Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Muir Woods with the Ayalas

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday even though it started out with a lot of fog pouring in through the Golden Gate. I drove Jessica Ayala to her doctor’s appointment at the UCSF Hospital on Parnassus.The whole family came along for the ride. This included Jessica’s parents, her grandmother, and her brother and sister... Cesar and Monica (seen in the photo).Driving Raphael’s large Expedition SUV was like commandeering a Yacht. I managed okay, but had a little trouble getting out of the driveway in the beginning of the trip.

UCSF has expanded and grown. They had several food outlets, outside vendors and even a Farmer’s Market where we could buy produce if we so desired.We bought some snacks and drinks to tide us over as the appointment took around two hours, during this time the family waited looking out the window onto a gorgeous view of the city. But like anything, even the view got tiresome after awhile. We tried watching “Chicken Little” which was running on a monitor in the background, but Cesar and Monica had already seen it. Eventually, Jessica came out looking uninspired, and said that she had to wait two hours just to be informed that she should eat more vegetables! Sheesh !

This family paid a lot in gas, tolls and parking fees to get her to this appointment. I still wonder if she could have been better served locally. In any event, we travelled back across the Golden Gate bridge as I was reflecting on how this was one of the first times these kids had even been in an elevator ! The grandmother was equally as excited by the ride,as she hid her face with her hands to disguise her fear. All this not withstanding, it struck me that it might be nice to show them something on the way back that they may not otherwise think of seeing... Muir Woods !

We arrived in the Park after a long winding road near Mt.Tamalpais in Marin county. When we got parked, it occurred to me that we had four adults in tow, and the entry fee would add up to a nice chunk. Just then, I thought I better pony up, since I was the one that suggested this excursion in the first place!

The Grandmother,Parents and kids were wowed. They probably had crooks in their necks at the end of the day from all the looking up they were doing. It was an absolutely beautiful experience being in a cathedral built by God and nature.Hopefully, this will be an experience the kids will remember when they get older.I know that I won’t forget it.

Monday, May 07, 2012

First Saturday at the Farmer's Market

All went pretty well. I saw a lot of people who usually arrive to buy their vegetables and chat about what looks different this year. I also saw a few vendors who brought some new products to showcase.It is fun to create new things to look at and showoff. I had some bottle stoppers, refrigerator magnets and a few new styles. Some people I know personally, came to buy some gifts for their friends.I thought a lot about changes I would be making for this upcoming Market. For one, I am going to remember to pack a lunch and bring more water. If this Saturday was any indication, it should be a long, hot summer ! The Chefs Market on Thursday evenings in Napa will be a brand new experience for me.I am looking forward to providing some gorgeous Spirit rocks to a whole new group of fans!