Monday, April 30, 2012

Dinora and Andres’ wedding

What a beautiful day it was last Saturday. My neighbors(Vecinos in Spanish) are great people who have waited to have a church wedding for a long time now. Their son, Kevin is three now, and I guess they wanted him baptized, so they sanctified their marriage to raise the family in the Catholic tradition. It was a rather modest wedding with around fifty attendees in total. Fr. Adam, who is the interim pastor at Our Lady of Perpetual Help conducted the ceremony and blessed the faithful. After the completion of the ceremony, a fiesta took place at a small winery just north of Calistoga. A lot more people attended what was a grand feast, with plenty of Mexican food, sodas and drinks for everyone. The music played, but few people danced until later on in the day. I stayed from two until six, but was told that the party didn’t really get going until after a Mariachi band showed up unannounced. This was a surprise gift for the couple who had a wonderful day that they will remember always.

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