Sunday, March 11, 2012

Miko’s Third Birthday

Daylight Savings Time began today and I was out the door to just make it to mass by eight. Father Brinkle’s sermon was all about how Jesus got angry and threw the money changers out of the temple. It is nice to know that Our Lord could be fully human this way, and yet still be without sin.

After mass, I made my way to “Playground Fantastico” in Napa only because Ed placed some balloons right outside the gate on Old Sonoma Road. Seeing all the kids was great, and it was nice seeing my nephew(s) and in-laws as well. The party was traditional with hot dogs on the grill and a big cake for Miko. The Piñata was tough for the little ones to crack open but the candy eventually got distributed among all who wanted a bag full. The morning was drizzly but the sun eventually broke out, every time Miko smiled. This was not an easy task at first. He eventually did brighten, as did the day.

Later in the afternoon I went by Mont La Salle to visit the Brothers, as well as paying a visit to the Veteren’s Home as I made my way back up the valley. All in all, a very thought provoking and reflective day.

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